Back in my uni days, and like many other diaspora kids, I realised that I missed my mum’s fantastic home cooking from our family’s motherland. I longed to change my own cooking, so I spent time with my mother and aunts, collecting their recipes and stories. I learned that Sudanese cooking is about ancestry, love for the family, community and catering to personal preference. This is why most recipes have an optional and hint sections. Making additions or substitutions based on personal preference leads to a meal that feels and tastes extremely personal.

The Sudanese Kitchen cookbook:

  • preserves recipes passed down through generations and shares them to a wider audience.
  • objectively educates the reader on the Sudan, its cuisine and cultures.
  • appreciates Sudanese women for tirelessly making these delicious meals and supports their fight for equality.

Take some time to try out the online recipes, feel free to make comments and contributions and get yourself a copy of the complete cookbook when its out.

The project is open to discussion for interested publishers and will otherwise be self-published with the help of a Kickstarter campaign.


The Sudanese Kitchen is proud to be part of the Academie de Cuisine du Monde Arabe (Academy of Arab Cuisine) based in Paris. Please visit their facebook page to find out more about more amazing Arab cuisine: