Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sudanese food?

Sudanese food is a fusion cuisine that has been influenced predominantly by the Eastern Mediterranean, Arabian Peninsula and West Africa. As such the cuisine has an extremely wide range of indigenous and borrowed foods, with varying cooking styles.

Sudan’s ancient history, vast landmass and strategic location enabled the free movement of people throughout the millennia, either following a political shift (colonialism), for religious reasons (Haj and Umra) or of their own free will.

This resulted in a fascinating combination of flavours and cooking practices which vary dramatically throughout Sudan, with each region having its own unique dishes and cooking practices.

Essentially, Sudanese food is: meat based gravies and stews (mullahat and tabayikh respectively) and soups, fresh and part-cooked salads, groundnut and sesame based sauces, fermented breads, preserved meats and fish, grain-based dumplings (asida) and drinks (nasha), interesting desserts, puddings and baked goods.

Finally, Sudanese food may not always look appealing, but the taste speaks for itself!

How did you start as a food archivist?

I began by collecting a handful of Sudanese recipes from my mother and aunts while living away from home for university. These recipes were in high demand, since finding them online was quite difficult (at the time). I built this website and other social media platforms and began creating content due to the lack of information and access to Sudanese foods.

The aim is the provide easy to follow recipes and cultural information on Sudanese foods as a form of cultural preservation, to empower people, Sudanese or otherwise, to make Sudanese foods part of their everyday lives

Do you have a restaurant in London, and if so where?!

I do not have a restaurant in London. Over the years and with the help of some amazing friends, I’ve organised dining clubs, pop-ups, fundraising charity events and cooking classes that provide an immersive dining experience in London, other parts of the UK, Canada and the USA.

Once the cookbook becomes available at the end of 2021, I’d like to continue down this path of bringing Sudanese food to other parts of the world through mobilising a travelling kitchen on tour, and continuing to organise more of the above-mentioned events.

When is the cookbook coming out?

I am hoping the cookbook will be available for worldwide distribution at the end of 2021. There have been a lot of delays to the project over the years, such as the 2019 Sudanese revolution and the ongoing COVID-19 situation, but I hope to finalise everything this year and move on to other projects.

What are you working on now?

As of the end of 2020, I returned back to Khartoum to complete the food photography, recipe testing, updating this website and the remaining text editing. I’ll be in Khartoum until all the production is finalised, then I will work with the designers and editors throughout 2021.

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